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    • Postmodernism is a term that is kind of hard to pin down. It relates to culture architecture in the arts. Postmodernism rejects dogmas and grand theories. Philosophically it is basically a new or form of modernism, with not a lot of changes. Postmodernism goes hand in hand with relativism. Relativism says that huge personality truth, and there truth does not need to be the same as another person’s truth. You can have a lot of fun with his idea. Try applying that to traffic laws. The rule even among postmodernists is you stop your car when your light is red. Good thing we all have the same idea of what a red light is. Not a postmodernist in theory. They get to define what red is and what red means for themselves. Dangerous. Postmodernism is also self defeating. postmodernism does not need to be true for does not need to be true for me. That’s not usually how it goes when talking to a post modernist. They will probably require you to accept postmodernism also.

  1. Hey Mr.Hot wheels,

    Two times in less than a week I have been approached about my view on the use of illegal drugs mainly marijuana.

    The first encounter was a fellow Saint. Who wanted Marijuana to be legalized for their own benefit of getting high and to chill out. Using the excuse if it was legal it wouldn’t be against God because getting high would not be breaking the laws of the land.

    My response to my fellow Christian was Revelation 21:8 which says in K.J.V.
    But the fearful,and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murders, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    The word sorcerers in Greek in the Strong’s concordance shows= G5332 pharmakeus from pharmakon ( a drug i.e. spell giving potion); a druggist (“pharmacist”) or poisoner, i.e. (by extension) a magician- sorcerer.

    I will give my own definition to drug which no one has ever challenged. We always come to an agreement that a drug is a substance or concoction that alters the mind and may also include the way your body may function normally.

    Sharing this information alone our fellow Saint recanted any desires to do drugs if they where to be legalized at that very moment the word and the meanings of the words were shown. The person prayed right their asking the Lord to forgive them.

    But, that is easy right? We can share God’s word with each other as believers and trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest.

    But what about the non Christian?

    Do I participate in the conversation when they ask me and they bring up very valid points about legalizing a substance that I know God’s word would consider to be sorcery which leads to the lake of fire in hell? I can share the scripture and the meaning behind it but alas they bring valid points in the world’s view. They could care less about what the Bible says. Yet they still ask me knowing I am a Christian.

    I have seen many sides of the drug world from top to bottom feeders. I do not know it in depth because when I saw the top I was to high and in survival mode to care to pay attention to the details. But I remember the growers and sellers of bricks were very kind and good to me when I stayed & lived with them. They lived in nice neighborhoods with what appeared to be good well bred families living the American Dream. (until they got busted!) Some of the nicest people I ever knew in my lost unsaved life.

    When I saw the bottom chain people even though it was all around me I did not care to interact I was ticked that it was present I hated it, again I was in survival mode. I had no choice in the matter because my ex was a collector. Never the less near the bottom is where you see the crazy stuff they think they are all that and a bag of chips. Not aware they are only a pawn for the top Dawg. They never met and are simply a chess piece for someones pocketbook living up to making others fear them playing the game I am HARD FEAR ME! You see the shop set up next door as the traffic lines up to buy their weed, meth and whatever else. All those broken lives due to the Master of Pharmakia holding them in chains of bondage.

    Never the less I was once an addict in chains to the Master of Pharmakeia. I saw the different commands and positions of the drug industry. And I know 1st hand and watching 2nd hand the crazy horrible plagues it leaves upon it’s abusers and those around them.

    When these lost people bring up points I see the reasoning behind it. It is hard stuff to swallow. Most of our drugs are imported from Mexico. I was told today about how the cartel kidnaps babies and guts them and places the drugs inside the cavity and cross the border with a dead baby to transport drugs wrapped in a blanket. I have been told numerous times by others that the cartel hires young children. That no one can trust kids because they are hired to kill any one who gets in the way. I talked to a man who said he saw a kid carrying a persons head down the street to get paid by the cartel. I was told by another how family members where shot by a 13 year old kid hired by Cartel and they have fled and hide for their lives. I talked to someone internationally and asked questions by phone they stopped the conversation and said it was not safe. Christian pastors are murdered if they do not cooperate families are sent in hiding. Government officials are paid a whole years wages to look the other way one time by the cartel. And all this is because of the root of making money from drugs.-(as i have been informed by those who have had to deal with this)

    So I hear this argument If drugs were made legal the Cartel wouldn’t be in business and be killing and terrorizing and stealing children. They would have no business to transport drugs in the U.S. to make money. Which would cause the Cartel to crumble.

    Then I hear the medical use for Marijuana. How it helps with pain and it is not physically addictive like the pain pills you are subscribed.

    I see this point very well. In one my old neighborhoods I lived in I saw a woman sell her bottle of pain pills for $600 so she could buy Christmas gifts for her family. The addiction is crazy when people start buying others pills because they cant get the Doctor prescription to give them enough to keep the fix going.

    I seen so many become addicts to the medications the Doctors have given them. They are made into Meth addicts by the very physicians they trusted to help them. They become a slave. You can almost see this sick spirit on them as all they can think about is the next pill. They cant seem to be set free no matter how much they try in their own efforts.

    It doesn’t matter what social class or economic range I have seen it in all ranges I have encountered. I remember this one woman she was very rich married to a very wealthy man upstanding in the community. She was given pain pills and couldn’t get off them without having major withdrawals. She had to go to a methadone clinic daily at a certain time to be given doses of methadone to get her through to the next day till her next dose would be administered. She had to do this through pregnancy as well because her unborn baby was addicted to the pain meds as well. She lost her family over her addiction to prescribed drugs. This is crazy stuff!!!! And only one story of many.

    So I see the reasoning behind the legalizing medical use Marijuana. Who wants to be addicted to pain pills going to methadone clinics daily for a fix or swapping to street drugs? Although Pot does alter the mind and some of your body functioning it is not physically addicting as the pharmaceutical drugs.

    I once asked some Doctors what the equivalency of the pain meds they were giving me were to street drugs. I was told it was a form of meth and equal to a street drug. Needless to say I did not take my pain pills.

    So as I deal with the LOST and this topic comes up. They have very concerning points and I agree with the concerns as I have seen and lived some of those factors myself. To just say hey that doesn’t matter it will lead to a lake of fire just doesn’t seem to be a proper response.

    How would you still validate the rightful concerns about such a topic?

    They are real concerns. People have dead family members because of drugs. People run for their lives hiding because of drugs. People become addicted to hard stuff because they think they have no option for a less addictive alternative.

    I feel as if brushing over the harsh realities that happen that cause them to view the legalizing it perspective would be like a person walking over a piece of dirty laundry on the floor maybe kicking it to the side but never acknowledging it and bending over to pick it up and place it in the hamper to be cleaned. It makes no since to keep walking over the laundry.

    and it makes no since to walk over real concerns for the lost.
    But I am at a loss myself unknowing how to respond on such an issue and still honoring God.

    I know this was very long but I ask ….
    Do you or any one else reading this post have any comments or views on this subject?

  2. Hey,
    By any chance can you do a blog on why the catholic bible has all those extra chapters and books in it and why the bible the main church uses is different
    Thank you.

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