Judge Not?

Judge not?
You’ve probably heard someone say you shouldn’t judge or judge not lest ye be judged. Is this the biblical stance.? Is this what Jesus taught? Matthew 7 is now the most quoted verse in the entire Bible. It says judge not lest ye be judged. Does this mean that is always inappropriate to judge? This verse implies that we can expect something if we pass judgement. We can expect that’s the way we judge another person is the way they were going to be judged ourselves. If we are the type of person that judges another person harshly then we’re going to be judged harshly also. Not being able to stand up to such judgement that we are willing to pass is what I would call hypocrisy. Later Jesus teaches that we are not to judge according to outward appearance , but to judge with righteous judgement. So it is possible to judge, and Jesus demonstrated this quite often. If it’s wrong to judge then was Jesus wrong for judging religious hypocrisy? Of course not, Jesus’ judgement was always righteous. Or what about Paul’s judgement of false teachers or of Peter’s mistakes and of heresy? The Holy Spirit had an anointing on Paul and the other writers to pass judgement. Judgement in these cases was very important in order to maintain the Biblical truth. So if we are to consider biblical truth and truth itself as important then we have to be people willing to pass judgement. People on the outside may not feel good about our judgement, it might make them feel uncomfortable. But God has never been about our comfort. God will not compromise righteousness and truth for the sake of somebody’s comfort. Even though this culture is tending toward postmodernism, the believe that truth is relative and what is true for you may not be true for me, the fact is there is an absolute standard of truth. This means that anything that opposes the truth is a lie. This is a fair judgement. It is not hypocritical, it is not double minded, and it does not compromise.
  There is also a self defeating aspect to this anti-judgemental movement. If somebody accuses a person of being judgemental and says that they should not judge, they themselves are passing a judgement. The person that thinks judging shouldn’t take place has given them self the place of authority to be able to accurately discern what’s true and what isn’t, and who’s in error and who isn’t. In order to stop the judgementalism in this world your first have to have a mass amount of judgement.
  The third aspect of this idea of biblical judgement is the idea that different people should have different types of judgement. The Bible teaches us to be harsher tornadoes in Christian leadership. Those in leadership are held to a higher standard. They are to be beyond reproach. Those there Christian Brothers are to be held to a biblical standard. We can correct are Christian brothers and sisters to live their lives cording to God’s will, which is laid out in the Bible. If we catch a brother in sin, we are to correct them. We may refuse to correct them to consider ourselves supposedly loving, but it is actually more loving to correct a brother  that is in sin. Love can be our motivation as the correct hey brother in sin because we are interested in that persons well being. We know that’s in leads to misery in the life of a Christian. We also want to see our Christian brother be a light for the non believers that are around him. For those that don’t believe in Jesus, they are not considered brothers, our judgement is different towards them. If someone does not believe in the inspiration of the Bible, does not believe in God, and is not believe in Jesus then we cannot expect that person to live by Christian standards. So standing outside a gay marriage and holding a sign that says, for lack of a better term, don’t do that, is not much of a Christian witness. These people may not know any better. I’m sure most of them are aware of the Christian Standard, and many of them probably are convicted by their conscience at some point, they are living according to their nature. True, God does not approve of the gay marriage, but the problem after root is not the gay marriage, the problem is their refusal to submit to God. This is the root of our judgment as Christians. We don’t need to take it much further then that. We cannot expect a person that is not indwelt by the Holy Spirit to be interested in the things of God. My judgement to them is it they are rejecting the 1 true God, and this rejection can lead them to hell if it is not turned from.
  To summarize, it is very important sometimes to pass inaccurate, right this judgement. It can call the person to turn from something that they are doing wrong to something that will ultimately take them to a place of repentance and restoration before God. How our interest as Christians is to give this world an accurate portrayal of who God is. For the sake of glorifying God and accurately representing him we should correct a person that says they are God representative but does not live it out. This fulfills the Christians duty to be loving because we are first loving God. Don’t go out seeking where you can pass judgement, just be interested in seeing God glorified through  Christians.


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