Are Christians Narrow Minded

Are Christians narrow minded?

     Christians are accused of being narrow minded because we believe that Jesus is the only way to God. Jesus is also the only accurate representation of God to Christians. Christians also believe that Jesus is the only 1 to ever speak truth and only truth. John 14:6 is the key verse to developing this “narrow” belief. Acts 4:12 tells us that salvation can be found and no other name than Jesus.
    If Christians are right about there being 1 God, then this 1 God has 1 nature. To make it more personal, there’s only 1 of me, and if somebody tried to describe me using the characteristics of another person instead of my own revealed characteristics, then that person is not being truthful. It is not up to vote who I am. I am who I am and nobody else. God is who He is and nobody else. It is not up to vote or personal opinion who God is.
     Let me use an analogy to explain how the skeptic and relativist thinks of this in the wrong manner. The skeptic and relativist think of the question of God and religion as we might think of art. There is no 1 true and good piece of art. All are contributing different ways. Certain songs are made to make you feel happy, while a certain painting is made to make us angry. All art contributes in some way; religion all contributes in some way also. And if a certain person doesn’t like a certain type of art there’s nothing wrong with that. If a certain person likes a certain religion there’s nothing wrong with that either.
     But the question of God is a completely different analogy than this 1 of the appreciation of art. If we were looking at a Michelangelo painting and somebody asked who the artist was that made the painting, we are not open to multiple answers.
     The second problem with this argument is that it fails to stand up to its own criteria. They say that we should be accepting to all world views, but they themselves are not accepting to all world views. At least Christians embrace Christianity. The relativist, while claiming to accept all views, really does not accept any of them. The relativists have to say more then “I respect that view” to actually except the view- as they tell Christians to. Such a relativist wants his view accepted, but is not willing to accept the Christian view. The relativist might consider himself open minded, but this supposed open mindedness involves a lot of hypocrisy. For instance, are they willing to accept contradictory things as both being true? Maybe, but that would be completely stupid. in reality, the relativist thinks his view is correct and anybody against his you is wrong. So anybody that has thought about their world view is narrow and not accepting of things that contradict it. The question really is which worldview is correct.
    You can call me narrow minded if you want to, just don’t call me double minded. I would rather be considered narrow minded then be a fool for trying to accept contradictory things.
     The skeptic seems to think the truth is whatever seems nice, feels right, or what makes a person happy. But truth is a standard completely independent of our waivering human minds. Truth exists without me thinking about it. I am not making truth for myself, I am trying to discover what the truth is. Personal preferences do not matter to me at all when trying to find out what the truth is. So when I hear things like “that’s your truth”, or “that’s true for you but not for me”, I know that that person has no idea what the nature of truth really is. Besides, they’re claiming that “true for you but not for me” is true for everybody. Such people cannot escape from truth being absolute.
     Another flaw in the argument is the assumption that the quantity of religions and world views makes mine less likely. If it’s true that I am wearing in maroon shirt, and a person claims that it is blue, does that mean there’s a fifty/ fifty chance that my shirt is maroon? If the person lists 98 more colors, does that reduce the likelihood of my shirt the maroon to 1 percent? Just because people can come up with crazy ideas does not mean that Christianity’s likelihood should suffer because of it.
     To sum it up, I might be considered narrow minded, but everybody is when you think about it. It’s just that my narrow mindedness seems to answer a lot of life’s most meaningful questions. It is coherent, and it is internally consistent. We are seeking to discover 1 truth. Opponents to my view are also trying to discover 1 truth. I am willing to admit that the path is narrow, as Jesus said, while many others don’t have enough of a grip on truth to realize that they are also narrow.


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