Belief Statement


There is one God in all existence for all eternity1. This means that is impossible that God not exist. He is omnipresent2, meaning He is everywhere, even if He is not particularly manifested everywhere3. His omnipresence allows Him to be omniscient4, which means that there is nothing that can be known that God does not eternally know. God is omnipotent5, meaning He is able to accomplish any and all things as His will sees fit. Any being that has been called “God,” other than the God of the Bible, must be considered as lower status, imaginary, or demonic.


Jesus is both fully God and fully man6. As fully God, he has all authority7, is co-eternal8, co-creator9, and possesses all the essential attributes of God10. Though equal in nature, Jesus, the Son, is subordinate to the Father in function11. Jesus had no sin nature12. He was born from a virgin mother13 and lived a sinless life of complete obedience to the will of the Father14. There is one God and one mediator between God and man—the man Christ Jesus15.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God16, possessing all the essential attributes of Godhood including eternality and omniscience. The Holy Spirit is more than a force; He is personal, possessing a will17 (which is inseparable from the Father and Son). The Holy Spirit is still active today in bringing believers to faith18, leading and empowering them to follow His will19, and giving believers gifts to fulfill God’s purposes on earth20.


Scripture encompasses the 39 books of Genesis through Malachi and the 27 books of Matthew through Revelation. The Bible was spoken forth, breathed out, by God21 through the instruments of human authors22. The original writings are entirely accurate and without error—in accord with God’s nature and plan23. A relatively small number of errors crept in later. None of the errors are a threat to any central doctrine of the Christian faith. Scripture makes the final authoritative call on the nature of God, the nature of man, the way of salvation, the practice of the church, and any other area for which it speaks authoritatively.


Salvation means to rescue from a due penalty. All people (other than God Himself) are guilty and in need of salvation24. Since our penalty is owed to God25, it is up to God to forgive26. At the same time, God remains righteous by punishing all sin27. All of mankind’s sin will be paid for—either by the substitutionary atonement of Jesus or by the sinner in a literal hell28. There is no other way for a person to be saved than through Jesus Christ29. He is the only way to the Father30; and only He is the way, the truth, and the life31. Salvation is a gracious gift of God32. The salvation that Jesus earned is enacted through faith (an adherent belief in) in Him33 and is not dependent on good works or religious duties34.

The Church

The church is the totality of all persons believing in and saved by Jesus35. The duty of the church is to glorify God36 by knowing Him37 and humbly obeying His will38. We are to obey His broad will as it is described in Scripture39. We are also to obey His particular will as it is revealed throughout our life through the giftings and callings that He has given to us40. The church grows in devotion and influence as the Holy Spirit, with the agreement of persons, brings about growth in the life of the believers41.



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